Tips for generating authentic photography

Education marketing budgets don't always allow for professional photography — so Sanger & Eby senior designer Krista Adkins offers some quick tips on how you can generate quality, authentic photography that highlights your school's brand and drives prospective students to learn more.

Hi there, my name is Krista Adkins. I'm a senior designer here at Sanger & Eby and today I would love to talk to you about how to generate authentic photography for your school's website.

So, we understand you might be working within a tight budget here and not everybody can afford to hire an expensive professional photographer or production crew. so with that said my first tip for you is to start recruiting some volunteers. build yourself a team. it could be faculty and staff members, students, can really be anybody as long as they're willing to be going around campus throughout the year taking photos at events of your facilities of students and activities. that way you're building yourself a nice photo library throughout the year that you can be always updating your site with.

My second tip for you is to try to keep these photos as candid as possible. you want to avoid having too many photos that feel overly staged and too posed because this can start to feel a little forced and fake, right? you really want these photos to feel natural and authentic by having people looking at each other rather than the camera and interacting with each other and genuinely having a good time. this is a great way to also showcase your school spirit and culture as well.

My third tip for you is that when you are taking these photos, I recommend trying to stick to a horizontal orientation. It's nice to have a wide camera shot for web photos especially, because you figure this needs to scale up nicely for wide desktop monitors, but also scale down well for mobile devices as well. So, the more room and the more space you can give yourself in a composition, the easier your life will be when you're going back to crop and scale for uploading.

All right, so those are my three quick tips for you today. I hope you find them helpful and I suggest you start going out there building yourself a team, building that photo library, and if you do find you need help with your website feel free to reach out to us. You can visit our site at and check out some of our case studies of other schools that we've helped.

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