Can applicants find your job postings?

Published: 02/11/22

Recruiters and Talent Acquisition professionals are experts at finding candidates, but can candidates easily find you and search your open positions?

Photo of woman searching for jobs at a computer.

Careers websites can be a maze for job seekers to navigate through and easily find available positions. Outdated or complicated systems that are not user-friendly or intuitive can make it difficult to search, and users end up self-selecting out and looking at companies that have a better candidate experience.

Below you’ll find a list of features and enhancements you may want to consider to improve your candidate experience and make sure you are attracting the right talent.

Search filters

Often-times job postings are organized according to your company’s structure, which may be complicated for an outsider to understand. Take IT or technical jobs for example: you may have IT positions within multiple departments in addition to your main IT group depending on how large your company is, but an applicant may not know this. If they only search for openings within an IT department they may miss out on other opportunities within your company.

Tip: review your careers site from an outsider’s perspective to see whether this could be the case for your site. Adding additional search filters like category, distance, schedule and shift can also help applicants easily find what they’re looking for.

Location based searches

Another common problem we’ve come across is that job seekers often have to sift through positions across multiple locations even though they are looking for jobs in one specific geographic area. Consider adding an instant geolocation function that goes beyond basic location filtering and will show candidates nearby jobs on page load – without even having to enter anything in the search bar. This allows candidates to easily find jobs near them, but they can also search other locations as desired for those candidates looking to relocate.

Job notifications

What happens when there are no current openings that a specific applicant may be interested in, even if they are interested in your company? Implementing a notification system to alert them when new positions are posted is another way to help job seekers find open positions easily. Offering this function can keep those applicants that are interested in your company engaged and keep you from losing potential talent.

Interested in learning more about these functions or how we can implement them for your company?