She believed that she could and so she did.

Published: 01/23/19

Donna Eby was the fiercest of us, and the clearest-eyed. She taught us to lead, to question, to collaborate, and to fight when it’s required. She had a passion for justice and excellence, and she never shied away from asking the tough questions that would make us, and our work, so much better. Her quick wit was legendary, and her raucous laugh often split the air and lifted our hearts. She was our boss, our friend, our leader, our teacher, our inspiration. She has taught and led us well. While our hearts are broken, our spirits are not and we will go on – not only in her name, but in her honor. Our office is painfully quiet as we grapple with our loss and contemplate the unimaginable future without her. But one thing is certain...

We will all live life with the instructions that Donna imparted on us:

“Find your voice and don’t give away your power. That is the power to influence, to change and to shape.”

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Collage of Donna with the S&E team throughout the years

Then the rest of us followed.