Defining a web strategy for your business

Published: 09/10/21

Creating a site that’s adaptable, beautiful and that gets you results is no small task. If you are considering redesigning your website, or you’ve been tasked with building a new site for your organization, set yourself up for success by creating a strategy outline first.

Illustration of laptop with icons representing different web functions emerging from around it.

1. Set your goals

Start from the very beginning: Goal setting. What are the goals for your new website? Are you redesigning or updating in order to get more traffic? Or are you refreshing as part of a brand overhaul that needs to be clearly communicated to your target audience? Perhaps you’re rebuilding in order to simplify content management and updates for your internal team? Whatever your goal, check that it is realistic and write it down for accountability.

The goal of our strategy consultation process is to create a clear path — from brainstorm to finished project — that guarantees success.

2. Create a maintenance plan

A website redesign is an exciting project that typically comes with positive momentum. Make sure that you have a plan in place for when that “honeymoon phase” wears off, or you’ll quickly find yourself with outdated content, plugins and applications. Ask yourself; who will be in charge of back-end site updates? Who will publish new and relevant content? Who will answer web form inquiries?

3. Devise an improvement roadmap

Even the best website, launched with the latest technology, will suffer from an outdated look well before it has to if improvements aren’t made over time. Wise businesses will create an improvement roadmap for their website and constantly evaluate and refine it, implementing updates to their site periodically. This approach not only keeps the need for costly total redesigns at bay, but it also enables you to make use of analytics data and adjust your site based on how consumers are utilizing the website.

4. Track and analyze

Once your site has launched, resist the urge to sit back and relax. Analytics, whether through Google, or any other custom tool, are a digital marketer’s best friend. Numbers allow you to make informed decisions about changes that you should make to your site, whether to structure, content, navigation or products in the case of e-commerce.

With a head start on your strategy, you’re ready to find a partner to help you execute. Our team is here as your long-term partner to help you meet and exceed expectations, let's talk!