Honoring Donna’s legacy

Published: 01/21/20

It has been one year without Donna here. Her passing left a void that by can never be filled, yet the impact of her passion and compassion continues to be felt as strongly as if she were still physically here with us today. The imprint she left was so intense and can never be quashed.

Donna was a supreme example of strength, power, fairness, leadership, loyalty and entrepreneurship; she was one kick-ass woman. She taught us to look for ways to make things better. She didn’t just believe in a brighter future. She believed it was up to her, to us, to create it. She led the way and in the process, she showed us how to shine our light on that future and lead the way to create it. It is our unfailing mission to do this. To continue her legacy. 

Specifically, all of us have committed to:

  • echo her generosity and commitment to make the world a better place for all
  • stay on the path to break down barriers, to empower and motivate women
  • continue to grow and innovate in the company she started 30 years ago
  • pay it forward and champion for those less fortunate

She reminded us to find our voice and not give away our power; the power to influence, to change and to shape. And we heard her.

We are all better for having Donna in our lives. She believed that she could and so she did.

And the rest of us will continue to follow.

Collage of Donna with the S&E team and at an awards ceremony
Photo collage of Donna