We combine strategy, design, and development to build seamless employee experiences.

No systems goal is too complex to tackle. No communications gap is too wide to bridge.

At Sanger & Eby, we work tirelessly to enhance your company’s employee experience. Our solutions range from design to development and implementation and are a perfect blend of customized and ready made. A true end-to-end approach to your challenges. 

We take pride in making your job easier by making your employee’s jobs more fulfilling. Because we both know happy employees are your brand’s best ambassadors.

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“My working relationship with Sanger & Eby is one of the best I’ve had. I value and trust the partnership we’ve built together. We see them as another member of our team who has been instrumental in helping us develop and deliver innovative communication solutions.”

– MaryAnn Shawmaker, Macy's Group Vice President, Corporate Communications

Our process to enhance your employee experience

Over the years, we’ve honed a team-centric approach that delivers great work — and gets results every time.


You listen to and validate your employee’s experiences daily. Let us listen to yours. Our goal is to get to know all sides of your business — from your role to your vision and challenges. We offer a fresh look at the hurdles you face with the advantage of years of experience enhancing corporate communications for some of the nation’s most reputable brands and organizations. With the employee’s perspective at the forefront, we strategize until we land on the best possible solution.


We turn this discovery research into a clear set of insights, user goals and business requirements to create a strategic vision for the future state of your organization and its relationship with your employees. Then we craft a plan for bringing the vision to life, including actionable timelines and tangible resources required for success.

Create & Iterate

Next we create concepts to support the overall strategy. Our iterative approach supports innovation. We propose various solutions, rejecting what doesn’t work and revising the others until the designs live up to the vision. The results are polished ideas designed to make an impact on your internal comms. 


We translate the chosen creative concept into a robust digital solution, integrating a complex array of technologies into one cohesive tool, customized for you. 


We work to ensure that every initiative meets pre-set metrics of success. Our team collaborates with you to determine what’s working and what’s not, adapting to meet the demands and expectations of your employees and their changing needs.


Your vision won’t stay the same year after year. And today’s employees expect a smooth onboarding process, competitive benefits, modern internal technologies — the list goes on. Let Sanger & Eby be here as your long-term partner and extension of your team to help you surpass your stakeholder’s expectations. But more importantly, to continually nurture a contented workforce. 

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