Why mobile matters for recruiting

Published: 04/30/19

Over 90% of people ages 18-49 now own a smart phone, so it’s no surprise more people use their phones to search and apply for jobs. Is your candidate experience ready for mobile users?

Illustration of hands applying for jobs and submitting applications on their phones.

People are constantly on the move and they want instant access to information including information about new career opportunities and potential employers. Today, people are changing jobs more often than ever before and when they're not changing, they're looking. Americans are conducting over 1 billion job searches on their mobile phones every month

And potential applicants are searching from some weird places:


of applicants search from their bed


of applicants search while at work


of applicants search from the restroom

And how do you think they are searching for jobs in these unconventional places? On their mobile phones.

If you aren't offering candidates a responsive careers website with at least the ability to search for jobs on mobile devices, you're behind the curve. Companies without mobile capabilities are losing out on a lot of today's top candidates – 98% of mobile applicants abandon the process before they finish because of a poor mobile application process. Today’s candidates want speed and convenience and they want to be able to search and apply for jobs where they do everything else: on their phones. 

Searching AND applying for jobs on your mobile device is the intersection getting the heavy traffic. And it is where you need to be.

Mobile job search and apply is on the cusp of becoming the primary source for recruiting candidates. Companies that fail to make the change will have a harder time attracting top talent. However, those who do offer mobile tools for job hunters, will enjoy the benefits of a larger, well-qualified pool of candidates almost immediately. This will positively impact your bottom line.

Give yourself a competitive advantage. By optimizing your candidates' recruitment experience, you also improve the odds they'll accept your offer over someone else's. And by becoming an early adopter of this technology, you reinforce and spread your reputation among applicants and anyone they talk to.

You'll also be poised to quickly take advantage of the next iteration of mobile recruitment. What will it be? Alternative reality gamification? Use of micro-influencers? Or even better – our own APIs that can interface our data with open jobs so that a filling out a job application is as easy as ordering a pizza.

We can help you set your company apart and take your recruiting to the next level.

Statistics from Jobvite and Pew Research Center