Candidates are always online. Chatbots are, too.

Published: 09/27/19

Help candidates get the most out of your website by providing multiple opportunities for them to find information, ask questions, and schedule appointments.

Illustration of a chatbot communicating with job candidates

There is a lot of chatter about chatbots – specifically about whether they help or hurt an employer brand. Randstad found that 82% of job seekers believe the ideal recruiter interaction is a mix between innovative technology and personal, human interaction. So, while you might think integrating a chatbot means you are sacrificing authentic communication, a chatbot may actually leave your candidates feeling supported, relieve them of some heavy-lifting, and offer them a personalized experience and interaction where there previously was none.

Yes, chatbots are less personal than people, but that’s the nature of the internet. Chatbots provide the illusion of interaction and provide additional opportunities to capture the information of prospective candidates. Most people are aware that chatbots are not actually people, but now there is responsive interaction where, previously, the only option for candidates would have been a form or email.

According to Talent Board, the top 2 reasons candidates withdraw from the hiring process are:

  1. They felt their time was disrespected
  2. The process took too long

Chatbots can help candidates navigate your site, share their career interests and contact information, explore job options, upload a resumé and schedule an interview, and apply, all in one place, providing an efficient and painless process for both the candidate and recruitment team.

The quicker you can take candidates through the learning and application process and the easier you can make it, the less likely they are to get frustrated and abandon the application process.

Using chatbots to provide communication options on your careers site is the first step in assuring candidates that you’re thinking about them as people rather than just numbers. Your career website may be solid and your navigation may be easy to understand, but everybody uses the internet differently. Providing multiple ways for a candidate to interact in the way they prefer acknowledges that human needs and behaviors vary. Chatbots are not required and your candidates don’t have to use them if they don’t want to.

Help your team help your candidates

It is important to remember that a chatbot’s purpose is not to replace your company’s talent acquisition team, but to support it. Simply, chatbots can be there when you can’t.

Incorporating chatbots into your careers site may actually make the experience more personal and more candidate-centric. We’re here to help you enhance candidate experience, create your chatbot communication strategy and write chatbot conversation scripts that elevate your employer brand.