How to jumpstart accessibility on your employee experience tools

Published: 11/28/23

Creating accessible technology for your employees — from training tools to an intranet — is important. Everyone deserves to access the tech they need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. And that’s better for your team’s overall productivity and your company’s bottom line.

But the world of accessibility can be overwhelming, too. Enter our guide. It will show you:

  • How accessibility (or lack thereof) impacts your company’s bottom line
  • The difference between accessibility and usability
  • Six steps you can take to better your internal systems accessibility
  • More sophisticated accessibility initiatives to take your employee tools to the next level

After you read our guide, you’ll have an understanding of accessibility issues you can tackle today — and a plan for what needs to be done further into the future. And of course, you’ll be better serving your employees with systems everyone can use to do their work well.