Employee Experience Tools

Bespoke digital solutions from concept to completion.  

At Sanger & Eby, we customize web-based employee experience tools. From ideating the right tool to designing that tool to developing the actual software, we’re involved from start to finish in implementing modern tech solutions for your business. 

Bonus: We do it all with an eye on your larger brand strategy. 

Meet employee needs with custom employee experience tools.

Savvy companies demand reliable, effective, branded digital solutions to support their internal processes — and their employees — at every turn. You need a: 

  • Tool to ease onboarding employees into new roles. 
  • Training software to systematize e-Learning to educate employees. 
  • Management solution for complex benefits information your employees can access. 
  • Tool to bring tedious manual HR processes into the digital realm. 

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1. We work with:

  • Corporate Communications
  • Talent Development
  • Employee Relations
  • Talent Acquisition & Recruiting
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Human Resources

2. To provide:

  • e-Learning experiences
  • Benefits portals
  • Onboarding tools & communications
  • Sales tools
  • Scheduling systems
  • Culture-building communication tools
  • Accessibility audit & remediation
  • Systems audit and integration

3. That result in:

  • Streamlined systems
  • Increased innovation and efficiency
  • Enhanced employer brand
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Increased talent retention
  • Financial savings
  • Better compliance


Simplify the complex. Automate the manual. 

Only customized employee experience tools can meet these and other unique employer needs. Made-to-order, web-based solutions are the answer to creating efficiencies. These efficiencies make your job more intuitive by automating previously manual and time-consuming tasks. And when your job is more intuitive, your employees’ jobs become easier, too. 


“Our team was struggling with time-consuming, manual processes. We brought in Sanger & Eby to audit and automate our workflows and I highly recommend them. Our tedious process has been streamlined without being hampered by repetitive tasks. We are much more productive, giving us time back to spend on more strategic efforts.”

– Mary Lou. B., Director of Customer Feedback, Macy's, Inc.


Bring us your challenges

Manual icon
Manual processes

Are your employees or customers stuck performing repetitive tasks? Are too many processes done on paper spreadsheets? Ready to take your idea for a powerful web-based tool from a dream to a reality?

Learn how we helped Macy’s Cosmetics team.

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Outdated experiences

Do your digital tools help people achieve their goals efficiently? Or are they out of sync with your business and brand, and downright painful to use?

Learn how we helped the Cincinnati Art Museum.

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Unused company intranet

Does your company intranet go unused? Is it a chaotic mess? Is there lack of ownership? How can you help employees easily find information to do their jobs? How can you provide better productivity and a unified user experience?

Many systems icon
Too many systems

Does your company have multiple areas with shared information? Network drives, CRM systems, corporate social network, content sharing platforms? Do your employees have to guess where information is located?

Learn how we helped Macy’s Benefits team.

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