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The web has become an important resource in our lives – for education, job search, healthcare, commerce, entertainment and more. Therefore, it is critical that every individual has an equal opportunity to access your website, regardless of their abilities.

What is website accessibility?

Web accessibility is the inclusive practice of ensuring there are no barriers that prevent people with disabilities from using your site. Having an accessible site means users with vision, hearing, mobility and cognitive disabilities can easily use your website.

Why should you care?

1 out of every 4 people – or 26% of the U.S. population has some sort of disability. If your website is not accessible, you risk losing out on what this significant market share has to offer.

Accessible websites are also easier for search engines to find, making your site more visible for all audiences, not just people with disabilities. Not only does this ensure your website is ADA compliant, but it’s also the right thing to do.

Where is your website on the road to accessibility?

Knowing how to go about creating an accessible website can be overwhelming. But a more accessible solution is closer than you think. Sanger & Eby creates custom solutions that meet or exceed accessibility standards and champion intuitive user experiences.

Starting from scratch? We create digital experiences that are designed and developed with accessibility in mind from the very beginning. From color contrast issues to ensuring keyboard users can navigate your entire website – we can design and build a site that’s inclusive.

Not ready for a redesign? We can help you audit your website, make a plan for remediation and enhance your existing experience for any user who visits your site.

How can we help?

When it comes to website accessibility, there are no shortcuts. If you’ve started making strides toward accessibility, or are new to it entirely – our team is ready to partner with you.

Let’s talk to see how we can get started making your website more accessible.

Our web accessibility services include:

  • Web accessibility audit
  • User testing
  • Tailored recommendations
  • Phased remediation

Custom approach to web accessibility

See how we helped the Cincinnati Art Museum make their website more inclusive.

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