Attracting, retaining and engaging the best talent

Create an employer brand that engages and inspires

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Employer brands matter now more than ever. Job seekers at all stages of life care about working for companies who share their values and take care of their people. 

Attracting and retaining top talent is more competitive than ever. Success is reliant on a mutual fit between employers and employees. Your employer brand opens a truthful dialogue with the right people for you. It lets you share what it’s like to work in your organization — what do employees need to bring to the table, and what can they expect in return?

Your people, your culture, your story

We help create branding that encompasses your mission, values, culture and personality. That means an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that aligns with the vision of your stakeholders, as well as a brand identity system, including logo, tagline and more. We can help you create positive and intuitive experiences for potential candidates and current employees alike.

Let us help you tell the unique story of your company that brings the right candidates to you.

Let’s talk

1. We work with:

  • Talent Acquisition & Recruiting
  • Corporate Communications
  • Talent Development
  • Employee Relations

2. To provide:

  • Focus groups, surveys & interviews
  • Competitive & SWOT analysis
  • Internal communications audits
  • Persona development
  • Employer brand development
  • Communication & content strategy
  • Messaging & tagline development

3. And deliver:

  • Employer branding
  • Employer value proposition (EVP)
  • Messaging & content development
  • Recruitment marketing campaigns
  • Brand style guide
  • Internal communication toolkits

4. That result in:

  • Enhanced corporate brand
  • Enhanced employer reputation
  • Memorable candidate experience
  • Increased employee retention



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