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Four diverse young students sitting outside together. They are all smiling, looking at the smartphone of the female student in the center.

In today’s education market, having great programs isn’t enough. Higher-ed shoppers have a big decision to make and a sea of choices.

Attracting students, especially students who will thrive at your school, is more important and competitive than ever. So, your message, website and social media presence must be finely tuned, easy to find and on trend — across all platforms — for a generation raised on digital-first everything.

We can help with it all — from big-picture strategy and research to multi-channel college recruitment campaigns that will reach the students who will thrive in your environment. With more than 30 years of experience, we’ve helped colleges increase applications and enrollment with recruits that not only fill seats, but find their paths to success.

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We work with:

  • Admissions & Enrollment
  • Marketing & Communications
  • IT Departments
  • Public Relations

To provide:

  • Qualitative & quantitative research
  • Communication strategy
  • Brand positioning strategy & development
  • Content audit & development
  • Accessibility audit
  • Digital & print design
  • User experience planning & user testing
  • Responsive website design & development
  • CMS research, selection, customization & implementation
  • Motion graphic design & execution

And deliver:

  • College websites
  • Branding & style guides
  • Program specific marketing
  • College recruitment campaigns
  • Communication toolkits
  • Recruiting videos

That result in:

  • Increased awareness
  • Enhanced college brand
  • Better candidates that thrive in your environment
  • Increased self-sufficiency & cost savings
  • Deeper engagement for prospects, students, community and alumni audiences



“St. Charles Community College now has a modern, informative, responsive, user-centric website. That is due, in great part, to the work of the team at Sanger & Eby. The response has been incredible. I can’t imagine that the end-result would have been quite the same without Sanger & Eby and their expertise in research, design, development and writing for the web. It was a great collaboration and a wonderful experience working with Sanger & Eby. We would recommend them to anyone.”

– Heather McDorman, VP for Enrollment and Marketing Services, St. Charles Community College

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