Why your website needs a CMS

A great content management system (CMS) makes managing your website faster, easier and more efficient, so you can respond to changing user needs. Sanger & Eby's chief technology officer Mike Welch explains the benefits of a great CMS in this short video.

Hi I'm Mike Welch with Sanger & Eby and today I'd like to talk to you about why you need a content management system for your site. I get that question a lot and there's really three main points that I think it's important to have a content management system.

First, a content management system allows for frequent updates so you can keep your content fresh and keep your visitors engaged. If they see that there are frequent updates with news postings or blogs, they're gonna be coming back more often and search engines notice that as well. They notice when your site gets updated and will actually spider your site more often and keep your search results up to date.

Secondly a content management system allows you to share the responsibility, either among your team or across your organization. So each of your subject matter experts can be in charge of their own pages. They can edit their own pages and publish those directly.

Finally, modern content management systems allow you to focus on content and not worry about the styling. They're very easy to use so you should focus on just putting out your content, be that text or images, uploading those very easily to the website and when they're posted and published they should look great and be styled consistently with all the other pages. That's what a really good implementation of a content management system does.

So those are my three reasons for using a content management system. Do you have a few of your own? If you'd like some assistance in implementing a content management system on your website look us up – go to sangereby.com and look at some of the case studies that we have offered. Thanks!

Do you need help implementing a content management system on your website?