Millennial marketing checklist

Are you feeling stuck when it comes to marketing to your millennial audiences? Explore our Millennial Marketing Checklist to make sure your next campaign checks all the boxes.

Illustration of man filling out multiple checklists.

Check these boxes to make sure your next campaign makes the mark with Millennials:

  1. Be thorough. Millennials are educated and love information. Have you included enough of it to be authentic, transparent, and build trust?
  2. Be purpose-driven. Clearly define the purpose behind this product, service, or program, and weave in authentic social responsibility information as much as possible.
  3. Be inclusive. Millennials want to see themselves in your marketing. The people in your videos and ads should look unique from one another and represent a variety of interests, identities, and ethnicities.
  4. Be authentic. Drop the fluff. Or include the fluff but make sure it’s backed up by real information.
  5. Show them everything. Do you have a content strategy in place to share things like Instagram stories and snaps to reveal behind-the-scenes experiences? They don’t just want the finished product. Millennials want the process.
  6. Give them some. And then give some more. Millennials want to be constantly engaged. Give them plenty of content to engage with, and then be sure to engage in return.
  7. Give them something to believe in. Millennials are loyal. Give them something to believe in about your product, service, or program and they will not only stick with you, but they’ll talk about it to anyone who will listen.

Not sure you made the mark? Get in touch for a campaign audit or brand overhaul.