Invest in an education website once. Keep it forever.

Amplify provides the customized, responsive, and accessible high school website solution you can afford. And there is no contract, so it is yours to keep.

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Your high school’s website shouldn’t limit you, it should empower you. We believe your high school website should be a long-term asset that only requires one short term, affordable, investment that, with some maintenance along the way, can serve you, your student body, and prospects for many years to come.

That’s why we developed our Amplify website solution – to amplify your high school’s message while minimizing stress and investment. We provide you with a custom design that connects with your audience and empowers your team to easily maintain and update everything along the way – including your calendar, blog, and even adding pages when your school develops new offerings and opportunities.

Here are 6 great reasons to work with Sanger & Eby to create your high school website:

  1. Save money over the lifetime of your website. You pay one upfront cost and keep the website forever – there is no contract.
  2. There are no hidden fees. Your Amplify website is a cost-effective solution created using Umbraco, an open-source content management system. There are no licensing fees, which streamlines your overall investment and maintenance costs helping you make the most of your budget.
  3. It is highly customizable and easily scalable. Umbraco is a robust, full-featured CMS that can support multiple types of content including text, images, video, animation, site search, event calendars and integrations with databases and third-party systems.
  4. It is easy to use. Our system is simple to use, giving you the freedom to manage and maintain your website independently. The web page building interface allows you to quickly build visually appealing pages using your site’s established design without worrying about “breaking” it. And information will always be accurate and up-to-date because elements are managed in one place. This means you only have to make the change once and it will be reflected everywhere on the site.
  5. It is secure. Umbraco is built on Microsoft .Net technology which means it naturally inherits a range of .Net security features not present in PHP-based CMS systems.
  6. It is accessible. Accessibility compliance is built-in to Umbraco. Custom content types contain required fields to force editors to provide certain types of information such as “ALT Tags.” The site and its templates are built with accessibility in mind ensuring support of WCAG guidelines.

The simplicity and consistency of the user interface we offer with Amplify eliminates the learning curve we’ve seen with other content management systems, saving you time and allowing you to get the most out of your investment.

If carefree maintenance, a one-time payment, and easy customization is what you’re looking for in your high school’s website, Amplify is the solution for you. Just provide us a little information to get a commitment-free conversation started.