Farewell our friend

Nadine Parris was a leader, an artist and an innovator. She was the creative spark that ignited ideas and spirited conversations. Nadine loved everything about creativity and each day she brought with her a passion for giving everything she had to everyone around her. She constantly delighted clients with her creative ideas and execution. She was a generous teacher who helped so many others grow and realize their full potential. Her creativity, wit and friendship are gifts we will always cherish.

She was an amazing illustrator whose “quick” sketches could be framed for exhibition. There were countless client meetings where Nadine would pull out her pen and pad and sketch something in just a few minutes to help illustrate a point and everyone's jaw would drop. She was that good.

Nadine loved her family; her husband Bob and her son Jake were the lights of her life. And nothing brought her more joy than watching Jake grow into the amazing young man he has become. She was so proud of him – and she should be.

She was an inspiration to all of us, fighting a relentless 18-month battle against cancer with her characteristic courage and determination. She came into the office throughout that battle – her work gave her strength and made her happy. She showed us all how to handle adversity with grace.

Nadine was a part of our team for over 20 years. Bob told us she thought of us as family. And she was part of our family. During our time with her, she touched countless lives through her work, drive and talent. Our hearts ache and there is a palpable void here. But Sanger & Eby is where we were connected to Nadine and it is where we can feel the impact she has made. It is where we will carry on her legacy. 

Nadine made the world a better and more beautiful place. We feel blessed she came into ours.

We miss you, Nadine.

Collage grid of Nadine.

Nadine made the world a better and more beautiful place. We feel blessed she came into ours.