Create a social & digital recruitment strategy that engages students

Use digital platforms and social media to differentiate your institution in an increasingly competitive and evolving academic landscape.

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If recruitment and retention numbers are down at your school, auditing your website for improvement opportunities is a great first step. This will ensure that the social media strategy you create to engage prospective students and nurture current students points to a strategic website filled with relevant, easily navigable content. Once you’ve accomplished that task and established a strong email marketing strategy, it’s time to hyper-focus on your social media strategy.

Use social media and various digital platforms to reach prospective students and nurture your current student body.

While a website, email and a social media presence on one or two networks might have sufficed in years past – today, a larger presence is needed. Consider creating an account on each major social platform: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Consistent content will give prospective students a quick look into your active campus culture. 

Once you have established a baseline for what kind of content performs best, it is the perfect time to work with us to craft a digital marketing campaign, tailored to what interests your audience. An audit of your social networks, and other active media outlets, will enable you to get a birds-eye view of how all your digital marketing efforts are working together (or not) to support your recruitment and retention goals. This information will help inform a high-level digital and social media marketing strategy.

Beyond establishing engaging social media accounts, consider digital advertising efforts on commonly used sites or apps, such as Pandora or Spotify. Other advertising efforts, such as radio, print and billboards, can be effective to raising awareness and driving interest to your school. Before deciding where to advertise, get the most out of your budget by researching the platform’s audience demographics to ensure your target audiences actively use it.

As you diversify your marketing channels and hone your messaging for consistency, you can highlight certain benefits for each channel based on its format and primary audience. Focus on different aspects of your school to connect even more with potential students, while maintaining your core message. 

There’s a lot of potential to deepen connections with prospective students, current students and other engaged parties by accurately optimizing content for all of their various features. For example, the content you post on Instagram Stories or on IGTV will differ from what gets posted in the feed. And what you post on Facebook Live will be different from your strategy for LinkedIn – Knowing the platform and knowing your audience is key to your success in digital spaces.

Meaningful recruitment and retention marketing strategies contain a lot of moving parts. Let's talk about creating a strategy to move you forward.