The art of staying home

Four side-by-side comparisons from the Sanger & Eby CAM Creativity Challenge.

The creative output inspired by a global shutdown has us inspired too. That’s why we’ve dug deep into our favorite collections at the Cincinnati Art Museum and re-created our own collection of pandemic-induced look-alike-masterpieces from items we found around our homes. See our collection and learn more about the creators right here.

Woman Bathing, Unidentified Artist, photographer

Interpretation by Evan, Web Application Developer 


Still Life with Currency, Wine Glass and PeachCharles Meurer (American, b.1865, d.1955), painter

Interpretation by Mike, Chief Technology Officer

Mix Vigorously and Ingest #1Lari Pittman (American, b.1952), painter

Interpretation by Lisa, Partner & Executive Creative Director 

Package on Handtruck ProjectChristo (American, b.1935), printmaker

Interpretation by Bill, VP Operations 

The Old ViolinUnidentified Artist (American)

Interpretation by Krista, Senior Designer 

Mary MitchellJames Peale, Sr. (American, b.1749, d.1831), painter

Interpretation by Katie, Director of Client Engagement

Portrait of a Man in ArmorUnidentified Artist (German), painter

Interpretation by Evan

TypewriterRalph Steiner (American, b.1899, d.1986), photographer

Interpretation by Nick, Graphic Designer

Blue Vase with FlowersOdilon Redon (French, b.1840, d.1916), draftsperson

Interpretation by Ashley, Associate Creative Director

Netsuke Depicting an Old Man Reading a BookIzumiya Shichiemon (Japanese)

Interpretation by Joe, Project Specialist

Three Quarter View of RabbitAlbert Robert Valentien, possible artist - Anna Marie Valentien, possible artist (American)

Interpretation by Emma, Project Strategist 

Flower ZoneNorio Azuma (Japanese, b.1928), printmaker

Interpretation by Isaac Ramous, kindergartner, and Ashley Ramous 

Gorham SilverAngelo Servingware, circa 1870

Interpretation by Evan

TypewriterRalph Steiner (American, b.1899, d.1986), photographer

Interpretation by Krista Boughner