3 tips for a better careers website

Sanger & Eby's chief technology officer Mike Welch offers 3 quick tips for making your careers website better, including why a mobile job search and application are critical - so you can attract more candidates and achieve your business goals.

Hi, I'm Mike Welch with Sanger & Eby and today I'm going to talk to you about three tips for improving the job search on your website.

The first one is be mobile first. You need to make sure that your job search and apply is entirely responsive so a candidate can view your job listings, find the job they're looking for, and apply all on their mobile device. 80% of job candidates start their job search on their mobile phone, so think about that.

The second topic or tip that we have today is you want to make sure that you organize your job categories based on the way the candidate views you. Don't organize your job search based on your company's organizational structure because they may not be familiar with that. So, let's think about the categories that the candidates are going to look for first and organize your jobs that way.

And then finally you need to make sure that you have your job search location aware. That's another way of saying that we want to make sure that that candidates can find jobs closest to them using geolocation. Geolocation is taking an address and converting it to a latitude and longitude. Well with the mobile devices that we have today, it's easy to locate your visitor based on their devices latitude and longitude, therefore you should be able to present jobs to them that are closest to their position. That really cuts down on the amount of searching that they'll need to do, and makes it a much-improved user experience.

So those are our three tips for improving your job search. What tips would you have? You can also visit sangereby.com and read some of the case studies that we have on our website. Thank you!

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