Macy’s Careers After College

Employer Branding & Millennial Recruiting

Competition for recruiting top millennial talent is fierce, and creating meaningful connections with this tech-savvy audience meant Macy’s needed a new approach. The company also had a critical need to overcome the lack of understanding of the retail industry, communicating that a career in retail is more than folding sweaters in the store.

The Macy’s College recruiting team reached out to long-time partner Sanger & Eby to revolutionize the way they connect with candidates, building on the collaboration that started in 1999 as interactive began to emerge in a meaningful way.

Understanding emerging needs was crucial to success, and Sanger & Eby began with comprehensive researchconducting focus groups, surveys, and in-depth research on target habits and practices to get to the heart of the target market’s needs.

Research showed a fundamental need to understand not just a company’s culture, but how they fit in it, and the ability to envision themselves in the role—answering questions like “who would I work with?” and “what would my day be like?”

Innovation and career development opportunities were also key. Above all, the communications had to be authentic, including photography, video, and a credible voice.

Sanger & Eby developed a content strategy to meet these needs, including concepts for highly interactive features designed to illustrate what “real life” at Macy’s is like—career development timelines, day-in-the-life features for different functions, user-generated snapshots, and extensive video content.

An innovative design provided a fresh, engaging look and feel, and a fully responsive site provides a great user experience regardless of platform—critical to connecting with the highly mobile millennial market.

Building on Macy’s groundbreaking success with mobile job search and application, candidates can search and even apply for jobs from any device (Macy’s is one of only 3% of employers offering this capability).

The new website launched in August 2014 to rave reviews, just in time for the Macy’s College recruiting team to head out on the road for the fall recruiting season. Initial feedback is overwhelmingly positive, and Macy’s receives a stunning 25% of all job applications through mobile—giving the company a driving competitive edge in recruiting millennial talent.

The new site builds on a long history of success in the partnership with Sanger & Eby—one that includes winning the Technical Innovation award from the National Association of Colleges & Employers.

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