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Iconic retailer Bloomingdale’s competes for world-class talent for both its executive operations and retail stores. The company needed a recruiting site that effectively communicated its employer brand: creative, entrepreneurial, passionate, and committed to making a difference.

Bloomingdale’s also needed to accommodate emerging technology that affects how candidates search and apply for jobs. A staggering 89% of candidates in a recent study declared they would apply for a job through a mobile device if there was an easy way to do so, but only 3% of employers provide this option.

Bloomingdale’s uses the powerful and highly customizable Taleo candidate management and tracking system—which didn’t offer a mobile solution.

Sanger & Eby created a website that immerses users in Bloomingdale’s employer brand. The vibrant interface and concise messaging offer insight into the company background, welcoming applicants with a sneak peak into a work environment that is “like no other” in the iconic department store company.

The site fully embraces mobile, adapting immediately to the user’s screen size—desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

While most career sites send applicants to their desktop machines to create an application, Bloomingdale’s career site takes them all the way through the process, helping top talent get in front of recruiters faster and more easily.

A streamlined interface and simplified navigation allow for a mobile-friendly application process, offering top-notch candidates the one-stop-shop application destination they crave.

Bloomingdale’s now receives a stunning 25% of its applications through mobile. In addition to opening doorways for these candidates, the company is also better able to attract innovators; while they may not apply for a job through a mobile device, the ability to do so is a message that the company is an innovator and they’ll be able to grow, develop, and try new things as part of the team.


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