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Marketing a school’s reputation by word-of-mouth no longer stands up in the digital age. Your core audience is made up of the world’s most tech-savvy consumers—students (A.K.A. “screenagers”). You have to meet them where they are—online, on their phones, on social media. You also have to engage their influencers, from parents to guidance counselors.

And as competition increases and funding challenges grow, your school has to tell your story—and communicate the return on what is a very sizable investment—in a deftly effective, engaging, and authentic way. Your brand and positioning have to aim high and wide—reaching a diverse student population, each with different definitions of success. It’s a massive task.

“St. Charles Community College now has a modern, informative, responsive, user-centric website and that is due, in great part, to the work of the team at Sanger & Eby. The response has been incredible. I can’t imagine that the end result and the accompanying response would have been quite the same without Sanger & Eby’s expertise in research, design, development and writing for the web. It was a great collaboration and a wonderful experience working with Sanger & Eby; we would recommend them to anyone!”


Today, the key to a school’s long-term success rides on the student’s long-term success.

Unlike other business realms, in the education market, success isn’t just measured by how long you retain “customers”—retention has an expiration date for students. The goal is for them to leave your institution, well-prepared to thrive in a professional capacity. So attracting students with high potential is more important—and competitive—than ever.

Your audience, technology, and the higher education environment will all continue to evolve at a breakneck pace. Make sure your communications graduate to new levels with them.

increase in applications at Mount St. Joseph University
increase in enrollment at Clark State Community College
increase in graduation rate at Clark State Community College

We’ve helped high schools, colleges, and universities create connections, inspire engagement, and drive results: More applications, increased enrollment, successful outcomes. 


Let’s talk about how we can help drive results for your institution through effective, engaging education marketing.

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