College recruitment strategies that drive enrollment

In today’s education market, having great programs isn’t enough. Higher-ed shoppers have a big decision to make and a sea of choices. Attracting students, especially students who will thrive at your school, is more important and competitive than ever. So, your message, website and social media presence must be finely tuned, easy to find and on trend — across all platforms — for a generation raised on digital-first everything.

We can help with it all — from big-picture strategy and research to multi-channel campaigns that will reach the students who will thrive in your environment. With more than 25 years of experience, we’ve helped colleges increase applications and enrollment with recruits that not only fill seats, but find their paths to success.

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College recruitment marketing services:

Brand strategy & positioning

College website redesigns

Multichannel marketing campaigns (interactive, social, billboard)

Recruitment materials

Program-specific materials

Low-enrollment program marketing

Bring us your challenges

We’ve helped solve the recruitment process for a variety of educational institutions. Here are just as few of the challenges we can tackle.

  • Recruiting a wide range of students from with varied messages and channels
  • Developing an application process that works seamlessly on mobile
  • Raising the visibility of low-enrollment programs
  • Aligning an outdated website with the school experience
  • Creating video messaging that appeals to potential students
  • Elevating your brand

Sound familiar? We can help.


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